SHW Casting Technologies GmbH & Co. KG - CT Beteiligung GmbH & Co. KG

CT Beteiligung GmbH & Co. KG

Benefit from synergies

In July 2015, the corporate group of CT Beteiligung GmbH & Co. KG is founded.

The CT Group manufactures hand-molded castings from 50 kg to 125 t with approx. 170 employees in Wasseralfingen. 95% of the production is ductile iron.

The individual companies are interlinked and cooperate closely with each other. For instance they are able to exchange skilled labor, to balance out bottlenecks in production.

The CT Group was founded in July 2015 In the two foundries in Germany the CT Group manufactures hand-molded castings for international customers. 95% of the products are made of spheroidal graphite iron (EN-GJS) with the parts weighing between 50 kg and 125 t.


History / Foundation of CT Group

2001 MAN announces that it plans to sell its shares in SHW.
2002 In the spring a concept is developed to establish SHW Casting Technologies.

In the summer SHW Casting Techologies with the works in Königsbronn and Wasseralfingen is founded.
2003 A strategy is worked out for the acquisition of SHW Casting Technologies through a management buy-out.
2005 In May the CT Group will be founded.

In December the newly founded CT GmbH takes over the foundry in Heidenheim, which up till then still belonged to the Voith Group.
2006 The Caterpillar foundry in Kiel is taken over by CT GmbH.
2011 Induction of machine shop 2 Works Königsbronn.
2015 The company is taken over by an investor after a two-year insolvency.
2017 The insolvency proceeding is been reopened. The business has continued to run successfully ever since.
2018 The company is split. The factory in Königbronn is sold and operates under a new name:
SHW High Precision Casting Technology GmbH.

The foundry in Wasseralfingen and the MT in Königbronn will continue to be supported by PLUTA Management GmbH in their ongoing insolvency and are still looking for an investor.