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Do you have an instinctive feeling, you are a good craftsman and have a good spatial sense? Do you enjoy challenges and variety in your work and would like a demanding job as part of a team?

At our works in Wasseralfingen and Königsbronn the CT Group is offering the following apprenticeships:

Foundry mechanic
Specialized in hand-mold casting
Foundry mechanics specialized in hand-mold casting produce single-use molds by hand. They melt and alloy metals in melting furnaces and cast the molten metal manually or with the aid of casting machines.
Electronics electrician
Specialized in production engineering
Electronics electricians specialized in production equipment, correctly install electrical components and systems, maintain them at regular intervals, modify or upgrade them and repair them in case of faults.

As an apprentice in our company you have an innovative and varied job where you can be creative and which offers you great opportunities for further development.
Make the most of it!

Tip: Open apprenticeships can be found on our career site.

Come and join our team, learn a fascinating job and take part in the many different activities during the training!