SHW Casting Technologies GmbH & Co. KG - Reserach and development

Reserach & Development

Innovative engineering is the engine of our economy which makes us successful and brings us forward. Therefore, the continuing development of our products is our main goal. Only in this way we can support, maintain and expand our technological leadership in the areas of large engine castings and calendar rolls.

The focus of our R&D activities is on application-related projects that take place in close cooperation with our customers. We strive to provide integrated services in design, material-specific, molding and manufacturing issues.

Due to comprehensive technical consulting we can support our customers in several areas:

  • For a functional and customer oriented design we consider both the design itself and the castable implementation by accompanying the process from the initial design up to the final product.

  • We are looking for design-engineering solutions that allow functional integration as well as weight reduction. Due to many years of experience in design and manufacturing we can find optimum solutions also for extraordinary complex tasks.

  • Numerical simulations of the casting process enable the prediction of mould filling, solidification and microstructure. The results will be taken into consideration for the manufacturing process.

  • Material specific consulting gives us the opportunity to advise our customers in selection of the optimum material for the respective requirements and to initiate the substitution of existing solutions.

  • Because of the consistent development of our casting materials we can offer our customers smart solutions which may not be available on the market.

Working together with experienced institutions even difficult issues related to material and process development can be achieved. Thus, for example extensive work has done on the reduction of casting defects. The knowledge gained by these projects is entering into manufacturing and gives us a significant quality advantage.